smell the smoke and see the flames - 'cause this show is for you!! In   2000   the   german   rock'n'roll   band   Tasco   &   His   Troublemakers   accidentally   found   themselves   without   a   guitar   player   after   another   of   their   shambolic   tours through   Sweden   when   they   encoutered   the   Norfolk-born   guitar   player   Ben   Wood,   supporting   them   for   a   show   in   Northern   Germany.   The   untamed   young musician   cocksurely   accepted   their   offer   to   join   them   on   the   spot,   following   five   years   of   touring   and   hilariously   misadventurous   rock'n'rolling   with   the   unique singer   Tasco   and   his   nomen   est   omen   bandmates   the   Troublemakers.   They   played   concerts   with   bands   like   the   american   songwriting   legend   Creedendance Clearwater Revived and uneradicable classic Tasco-tunes like 'I Can Tell' you still find in the set of the Ben Wood Inferno these days. One   year   later   the   Troublemakers   added   another   musical   impostor:   the   maniacal   Jack   Shepherd   started   to   hit   the   piano   keys   randomly   and   soon   became   a   close friend   with   Ben   Wood.   Both   they   shared   a   sound   devotion   for   black   and   white   b-movies,   the   decline   of   the   human   race   and   Bo   Diddley   to   draw   their   artistical statements from. Before the year was through the two founded their own circus voodoo act which would soon become The Woodbrothers. 2002   this   very   band,   meanwhile   a   full   five-piece,   released   their   self-entitled   debut   album   which   at   least   told   the   music   scene   to   hold   its   head   down   'cause   there was   something   never   heard   before   approaching   them.   Sound   engineer   Rainer   Holst   (also   working   for   Australians   wildest   rockers   Rose   Tattoo   and   German comedians   like   Oliver   Kalkofe)   was   in   charge   of   the   production   and   contributed   his   share   of   torn   music   perception.   The   sinister   opener   of   this   record   'Bad   Minor Bo'   was   soon   set   to   kick   off   every   show   as   well   as   the   conjuring   final   track,   the   highly   dramatic   'Fire   Of   Love',   became   an   inescapable   anthem   of   the   band   and   is still part of every Ben Wood Inferno concert. By   2003   the   Woodbrothers   had   reached   a   distinct   musical   quality,   became   friends   with   the   great   and   legitimatly   rebaptised   'saviour   of   rock'n'roll'   Dan   Baird   from the   Georgia   Satellites.   They   opened   also   for   the   UK   funk   act Albie   Donelly   &   Supercharge   and   a   DVD   package   of   a   festival   video   recording,   named   Even   Brothers Get The Blues... Sometimes! , was released in the end of the year and shown in the cinemas of Lower Saxony. 2004,   after   a   high   flying   tour   with   UK   blues   heroes   Dr.   Feelgood,   the   tightly   awaited   follow-up   album   Stranded    was   the   output   that   would   set   new   standards   for the   Woodbrothers. A   hot   weird   musical   gumbo   with   all   band   members   at   their   creative   peak.   Or   considering   the   schizo   characters   better   say   "peaks".   Songs   like the mighty 'The Red Eyes Of The Blues' and the panic-stricken 'Motor Mouth Babe' became constant psycho murderers in the sizzling set list till this very day. The   ladder   was   the   definite   first   choice   to   be   the   album's   single   release   and   marched   straight   through   from   german   radio   stations   onto   the   DJ   turntables   of   night clubs in Hamburg and Hanover. 2005   the   video   clip   of   'Motor   Mouth   Babe'   increased   the   public   presence   and   even   premiered   on   german   TV   stations   which   subsequently   gave   the   band    the   final booze   for   their   best   live   performances   since   their   founding.   Unfortunately   it   was   clear   at   this   point   that   the   band   now   was   burned   out   also   and   wouldn't   reach   no new shores anymore. The   following   year   Ben   Wood   left   the   band   for   this   very   reason   and   moved,   after   a   brief   stint   back   in   the   UK,   to   Rhineland   Palatinate   where   he   first   met   the Luxembourgian   guitarist   General   Paul   Vincent,   the   man   who   would   become   a   vibrant   influence   on   his   musical   approach   and   the   one   monolithic   comrade.   With Ben   Wood   now   on   lead   vocals   they   founded   the   zany   gypsy   punk   band   The   Hoboscopes   which   in   no   time   became   the   most   promising   act   around   there.   Their shows   received   immediately   the   highest   saluting   press   reviews   and   the   repertoire   of   the   band   was   growing   literally   every   week.   "I've   never   seen   something   like that!",   claimed   Doro   Popp   of   the   german   booking   agency   Popp-Concerts   in   October   2006   after   seeing   one   of   Ben   Wood   &   The   Hoboscopes   tremendous   live shows. This   naturally   let   into   the   Hoboscopes'   2007   recorded   debut   album   Yours,    which   would   leave   the   critics   with   an   open   gob   behind.   This   quirky   hybrid   of   rock'n'roll and   punk'n'polka   is   honoured   to   be   an   unique   jewel   in   the   musical   scene   to   date   and   e.g.   the   whirling   opening   track   'Hold   On   To   Your   Structure'   or   the experimental   tango   trotter   'With   Her   Love   (Tango)'   are   still   outstanding   contributions   to   the   setlist   of   the   Ben   Wood   Inferno   today.   "Ben   Wood   looks   like   a   mixture of   Nick   Cave   and   Blixa   Bargeld   in   their   unhealthier   lifetimes   [and]   in   turn   sounds   like   a   kind   of   Robert   Smith.   Appears   to   be   a   wild   mixture?   It   definitely   is!", commented   later   the   Schaedelspalter   magazine .    Further   touring   with   greats   like   the   godfathers   of   polka   The   Shanes   or   44Leningrad   made   the   Hoboscopes' audience   go wild every night. 2008   the   clock   struck   twelve   and   intern   ambiguities    as   well   as   serveral   line-up   changes   made   the   band   fall   apart   and   Ben   Wood   readjusted   himself   for   the ensuing   years   focussing   on   theatre   and   film   acting   as   well   as   novel   writing   with   just   very   rare   rock'n'roll   appearences   as   guest   musician   for   former   blokes   and colleagues. After   serveral   declinings   of   requests   to   reform   his   rock'n'roll   act   eventually   in   2012   the   times   had   changed   and   when   again   being   asked   to   burn   down   some stages   of   dingy   small   music   clubs   somehow   the   pieces   fitted   together   again.   Ben   Wood   additionally   slipped   a   rereborrowed   bass   over   his   shoulder   and   found   in guitarist   Alex   Webber   a   young   and   fresh   collaborator   to   form   the   first   incarnation   of   the   Ben   Wood   Inferno.   The   name    relates   to   Dante's   masterpiece   and   is chosen   to   be   the   first   of   a   three   part   rock'n'roll   damnation.      Also   the   band's   title   embraces   an   immanent   feature   of   its   own   end   -   namely   this   time   a   defined   one. So one day after the transforming into the Ben Wood Purgatory we will have to face the final act: the Ben Wood Paradise. Whatever this may sound alike... A   sold   out   debut   show   in   2013   gave   a   new   swing   to   Wood's   rock'n'roll   univserse   and   made   the   stone   rolling   again.   Surprisingly   this   ressurection   gave   way   to   the best   Ben   Wood   stage   shows   ever.   "With   his   Inferno,   universal   artist   Ben   Wood's   inviting   everybody   to   a   wild   musical   ride   -   and   the   name   suits   it   best.   Wood   is ingeniously pulling the focus. Don't you miss it!", would judge journalist Simone Niemann subsequently. Shortly   afterwards   Ben   Wood   relocated   to   Vienna   for   a   mind   twisting   stint   with   Memphis'   Maestro   Tav   Falco   &   His   Unapproachable   Panther   Burns,   which   sure   as hell   added   fuel   to   the   already   high   flamin'   fire.   With   the   Inferno   staged   in   international   line-up's   Ben   Wood   blatantly   looted   his   own   fiery   back   catalogue   while   in the   end   of   2014   General   Paul   Vincent   was   asked   to   rejoin   the   massacre   and   made   him   contribute   the   first   undestructable   stability   for   a   touring   line-up   that   would take no prisoners. 2015   the   trio   got   the   offer   to   perform   as   a   support   for   the   UK   rock'n'roll   legends   The   Godfathers   which   eventually   made   it   clear   that   it   was   time   to   compile   the first   Best   Of   album,   filed   of   course   under   no   other   name   than   The   Fire   Of   Love    and   including   material   from   the   years   2001   till   2009   plus   four   previously unreleased tracks. This   immense   regaining   of   stage   presence   left   the   Inferno   in   further   need   to   stabilise   its   cast.   The   highly   talented   and   over   all   most   charming   Italian   drummer Vigil   The   Beast   took   over   the   drum   stool   and   completed   the   vibrant   triumvirate.   The   acknowledgements   of   the   international   press   was   soon   to   come:   "Live   furore [with the] Ben Wood Inferno: a wild show, wild songs and an impressed audience were the results", reviewed the Italian radio station RAI. In   this   new   joy   of   playing   a   perfect   lo-fi   no-go   LIVE   record,   entitled   flames   baby   flames   !! ,   was   cut   at   the   very   first   shows   of   this   latest   and   lasting   line-up   and released   in   the   end   of   the   year.   For   the   roughneck   garage   production   of   this   album   Ben   Wood   could   win   the   mastermind   producer   and   ingenious   sound   engineer Dr. Dr. Sebastian Jiro von Schlecht, who before proved his unique talents for artists like The Mighty Oaks or Max Prosa. 2016   continued   in   this   very   promising   way,   ongoing   adventures   on   the   road   supporting   again   The   Godfathers   and   additionally   the   Canadian   colleagues   from   Big John   Bates   took   place   followed   by   playing   further   infernal   headliner   shows   in   Austria   and   Germany      and   Slovenia   before   starting   to   finish   writing   on   the   last tracks   for   the   first   Ben   Wood   studio   album   in   seven   years.   In   November   the   band   headed   to   Vienna's   finest   Primitive   Studios   to   lay   down   nine   new   tracks   under the supervision of producer Daniel Schatz. In   February   2017   the   band   signed   in   with   the   german   label   Sumo   Rex   /   Broken   Silence   which   over   many   years   successfully   hosts   punk   and   polka   heroes   like   Ivan Ivanovich   &   The   Kreml   Krauts   or   The   Shanes. After   another   neckbreak   tour   through   Germany   and Austria   during   spring   this   new   alliance   released   the   first   single Blues   Ex   Machina .   The   histrionic   title   refers   mainly   to   BW's   combined   experiences   in   theatre   acting   and   rock'n'roll   combustion.   The   Ben   Wood   Inferno introduces   to   a   four   track   EP   of   100%   wicked   gruesome   death-defying   untattooable   hard-bitten   fate-smitten   cold   titty   witching   spell   shut   your   face   trashblues massacre!   The   title   track   reveals   the   band's   latest   original   output   to   be   the   most   progressive   so   far. A   rompin'   stompin'   swamp   blues   tune   throwing   its   arms   and legs   around   you   while   a   randomized   gantry   of   motorizing   psycho   guitar   assaults   keeps   drilling   holes   into   the   structure   till   the   sane   mind   snaps.   Three   oldies   but goldies   are   added   to   this   release:   Willie   Dixon's   fifties   mojo   tune   '(I'm   Your)   Hoochie   Coochie   Man'   with   a   life   threatening   lapsteel   guitar   played   by   Elsa   Tootsie's Artur   Nutz   from   Vienna,   and   two   re-reborrowed   tracks   from   Wood's   very   own   volatile   past:   'Motor   Mouth   Babe'   (originally   from   2004's   Stranded)   and   'With   Her Love (Tango)' (originally from 2009's Yours,) straight put down on tape in a brandnew twentyfirst century teenage virus version. As   an   ex   ante   release   to   the   forthcoming   album   on   Bluex   Ex   Machina    we   find   all   the   zany,   crazed   for   fuzz   and   blues   dripping   notes   and   tones,   enshrouded   in   a unique cover sleeve drawn by the late New Orleans blues pianist and singer Champion Jack Dupree. While   shooting   a   video   clip   for   the   single   sad   news   reached   the   band.   Longterm   friend,   early   days   patron   and   rock'n'roll   rarity   Tasco   passed   on   to   the   next sphere aged 70. May he go on grunting and snorting, happy and kind as ever wherever he now is! By   the   end   of   the   year   the   band   heralded   the   release   of   their   staggering   new   studio   album   Wilder   Wilder   Faster   Faster    in   a   full   blast   of   death   mocking   and   devil defying   sound.   Notably   the   intimidating   opener   as   well   as   the   caustic   claustrophobic   seven   minute   closure   of   'Trashedy'   present   the   band   at   their   hitherto sizzling   peak   of   creativity   and   leave   even   die-hard   followers   with   an   open   gob   behind.   Beside   the   well-known   spectral   and   schizophrenic   lyrical   humour   spread all   over   the   record,   the   militant   mockery   on   tunes   like   the   sardonic   'I   Never   Liked   You   Anyway'   or   the   reelin'   and   rockin'   'A   (Few)   More   Monkeytricks'   are rock'n'roll renegades that once more reveal Ben Wood as a master of wrath and an unbowed cynic. "Actually   we   wanted   to   call   the   album   'Wilder   Wilder   Wilder   Faster   Faster   Faster'   but   then   again   -   we   didn't   want   to   show   off   too   much...",   bow-wows   the   agitating singer before getting ready for another infernal touring schedule.