Yours, / Ben Wood & The Hoboscopes HOLD ON TO YOUR STRUCTURE (Wood/Hendus) GOING DOWN (Wood/Thesen) SMUDGED (Wood/Hendus/Thesen) WHO'S GOING TO SHOOT ME? (Wood/Hendus/Thesen) THE LIKES OF US (Wood) THE BALLAD FOR THE BUFFOONS (Wood/Hendus/Thesen/Apitzsch) SWEET OLD AUSTRIA (Wood/Schlecht) ALL NIGHT LONG YOU DANCED (Wood) KICK OUT THE JAMS (Wood/Hendus/Thesen) WITH HER LOVE (TANGO) (Wood/Hendus/Thesen/Trad.) UPSIDE-DOWN & INSIDE-OUT WITH YOU (Wood/Hendus/Thesen)
Stranded / Ben Wood & The Woodbrothers THE BAT TRAIN (Wood/Shepherd) CHECKING UP ON MY BABY (Wood) BLUES IN THE RAIN (Deeg/Soulmiller) BACK IN YOUR ARMS AGAIN (Deeg/Wood/Soulmiller) THE RED EYES OF THE BLUES (Camora/Shepherd) THE RAT WALZ (Shepherd) BIG TIME BOOGIE (Deeg/Soulmiller) MOTOR MOUTH BABE (Deeg/Wood/Shepherd) THE POCKETS OF YOUR COAT (Deeg/Wood) TIME TRIPPING (Deeg/Wood) SEA SHANTY #2 (Deeg/Wood/Soulmiller/Shepherd/Hoins)
The Woodbrothers / Ben Wood & The Woodbrothers BAD MINOR BO (Deeg/Shepherd) WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME (Williams) BROKEN STONES (Weller) MOLE IN THE GROUND (Deeg/Pepe) PILLS #2 (McDaniel) LUCY (Cave) HOW COME? (Lane/Westlake) FIRE OF LOVE (Reynolds/Sturdivant)
What Are We Doing Here? / Tasco & His Troublemakers feat. Ben Wood WAITIN FOR MARY (Christopher/Pearson) DAYDREAM BELIEVER (Stewart) BURNING LOVE (Linde) ALL OR NOTHING (Mariott/Lane) STUPIDITY (Burke) SOMETHING BROKEN (Hiatt) I CAN TELL (McDaniel) GARDEOFFIZIER 3000 (Stolz/Reisch)
The Fire Of Love - The Best Of / Ben Wood & The Woodbrothers BAD MINOR BO REWIRED* (Deeg/Shepherd) PILLS #2 (McDaniel) FIRE OF LOVE (Reynolds/Sturdivant) HAVE I THE RIGHT? - live* (Blaikley) I CAN TELL (McDaniel) MEMPHIS BEAT - live* (Addington/Reynolds) THE BAT TRAIN (Wood/Shepherd) THE RED EYES OF THE BLUES (Camora/Shepherd) MOTOR MOUTH BABE (Deeg/Wood/Shepherd) THE POCKETS OF YOUR COAT (Deeg/Wood) SHOWTIME END THEME* (Wood/Soulmiller) BRONTOSAURUS (Wood) LISTEN!* (Hawkins/Wood) HOLLER AND SCREAM (Deeg) UPSIDE-DOWN & INSIDE-OUT WITH YOU (Wood/Hendus/Thesen)  * previously unreleased tracks
flames baby flames !! / Ben Wood Inferno BERTHA LOU (Burnette/Marasalco) MARCHING OFF TO WAR (Wood) WITH HER LOVE (TANGO) (Wood/Hendus/Thesen/Trad.) MOTOR MOUTH BABE (Deeg/Wood/Shepherd) I CAN TELL (McDaniel) INITIAL HELLOS MY MIND WAS MESSSED UP AT THE TIME (Floyd) THE RED EYES OF THE BLUES (Camora/Shepherd) BERTHA LOU (Burnette/Marasalco) HOLD ON TO YOUR STRUCTURE (Wood/Hendus) WITH HER LOVE (TANGO) (Wood/Hendus/Thesen/Trad.) A FEW (MORE) MONKEYTRICKS (Wood/Hendus) FIRE OF LOVE (Reynolds/Sturdivant) I CAN TELL (McDaniel)                                                                                                                                                          
Blues Ex Machina / Ben Wood Inferno BLUES EX MACHINA (Wood)  (I'M YOUR) HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN (Dixon) MOTOR MOUTH BABE (Deeg/Wood/Shepherd) WITH HER LOVE (TANGO) (Wood/Hendus/Thesen)